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Valve Covers and Air Cleaner

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I want to upgrade the appearance of the Small Block in my 71 Chevelle, which has factory air, power brakes, stock valve train and a Holley spreadbore carb. I want to get matching valve covers and air cleaner and want them to be either chromed or polished aluminum. I would like them to have some design such as Chevy bow tie or "Chevrolet" on them rather than just plain.

I have seen quite a few "tall" aluminum valve covers that I like but I think with the factory A/C I am limited to "short" ones. Correct? I have seen some "short" chromed stamped steel valve covers with matching air cleaner (made by Proform, I think), but I would prefer aluminum.

Can anyone recommend valve covers and air cleaner that will work for me?

I would also appreciate seeing pictures of your setup.
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In my experience, cast aluminum seals better and doesn't flex as much as stamped. I think it looks better too, but that's just a personal opinion. Polished cast aluminum looks really good too!
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