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Valve cover clearance for stud girdle

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Can anyone tell me if stock BB covers without drippers will clear a stud girdle if a spacer is used? I think Brodix makes one that's 1.5 inches tall, but I don't know if that's enough. TIA
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CDN SS said:
I believe one mfg. makes them for everyone and although they say 1.5" they are close to 1.25" I believe that mfg was bot up by Stef's but if you check out their site it should show the mfg. name that I can't remember but think it is B&B ??? I ordered mine direct from him and price was 90.00 fit my GMPP valve covers with Brodix heads fine. ARP makes longer valve cover studs in various lenghts which I highly recommend for no leaks but they sure don't give them away :( have to call ARP direct to see what length they have in stock
Hi Bill,
This is correct, Stef's Performance & B&B Performance, same home now. :)
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