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Valve cover clearance for stud girdle

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Can anyone tell me if stock BB covers without drippers will clear a stud girdle if a spacer is used? I think Brodix makes one that's 1.5 inches tall, but I don't know if that's enough. TIA
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I believe one mfg. makes them for everyone and although they say 1.5" they are close to 1.25" I believe that mfg was bot up by Stef's but if you check out their site it should show the mfg. name that I can't remember but think it is B&B ??? I ordered mine direct from him and price was 90.00 fit my GMPP valve covers with Brodix heads fine. ARP makes longer valve cover studs in various lenghts which I highly recommend for no leaks but they sure don't give them away :( have to call ARP direct to see what length they have in stock
Yes I am using a Howards girdle and much to my surprise those GMPP valve covers did not clear as the pent roof design narrows the width and they hit all over ....... GM was not thinking when they made those ... if you glass blast the spacers and paint them orange they will look great .they are cast alum so finish alittle too smooth to look stock so glass blast them first
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