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Any tricks or cautions when replacing the bushings in the upper control arm cross shafts? How do you get the correct rotational alignment, will the cross shaft rotate in the new bushings to solve this? They were tight and didn't rotate when I removed the originals (1969).

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Installation instructions for front Upper Control Arms with Bolt Style retainer.

This is retyped and interprets installation instructions in the 1970 Chassis Service Manual for Chevrolet. Chevelle. Monte Carlo. Nova GM A-Body.

Note: All spring attachments, including control arm ball joint stud and control arm bushing bolts, are important attaching parts in that they could affect the performance of vital components and systems, and/or could result in major repair expense if installed incorrectly. They must be replaced with parts of the same part numbers or with equivalent parts if replacement becomes necessary. Do not use replacement parts of lesser quality or substitute design. Torque values must be used as specified during reassembly to assure proper retention of these parts.

End cap bolts should not be tighten until vehicle is on the ground (and entire vehicle weight is supported by vehicle springs (motor installed and body panels on)).

1) Install upper control arm in vehicle.
2) Install Locknuts, bolts retaining upper control arm shaft to frame.
3) Install the same number of shims as removed at each bolt.
4) Torque bolts retaining upper control arm shaft to frame to 50 ft. lbs. (Bolt Torques Specifications 3).
5) Install ball joint stud through steering arm knuckle, install nut, tighten and install cotter pin (no torque specification supplied). This is assuming the lower control arm is already installed.
6) Install wheel and tire assembly.
7) Lower vehicle to floor.
8) Bounce front end of vehicle to centralize bushings and torque bushing collar bolts to 45 ft. lbs. (Bolt Torques Specifications 3).
9) Recheck after 50 miles.

Note! Be sure your grease your new Ball Joints, just enough to make the boot start to expand, no more or you could push the boot off.:waving:
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