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Upper control arm adjustment

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I have read that to adjust adjustable upper control arms, you are to leave the upper passenger arm off and adjust pinion angle with the drivers side arm and when that is set attach the pass. side arm and introduce preload by shortening it as desired. this is per Dick Miller's book.
The problem w/ upper arms which have sperical ends in both ends ( like Wolffe Craft's) of the upper arms is that the rear end shifts over with only one arm attached. I assume this would happen w/ adjustable arms which have bushings as well.
So, in order to keep the rear housing centered in the car what I have done is carefully adjusted both upper arms the same simotaneously to obtain the correct pinion angle. Once the pinion angle is set then I would adjust the upper pass. arm further if I needed preload.

Does this seem correct?
I've messed around so much with the rear suspension I think I'm begining to confuse myself.
Thanks in advance for your input.
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Ray is right.

The 2 lower bars determine the wheelbase. The upper driver side bar sets the pinion angle, and the upper passenger side bar sets the positive, negative, or neutral preload.

If you're using an anti-roll device, be sure to set up the bars FIRST before connecting the anti-roll device. Don't use the anti-roll device to induce preload. Disconnect it, set the preload you want, and then lengthen or shorten the links on the anti-roll device to reinstall it in a neutral attitude WITH YOUR WEIGHT IN THE CAR.

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