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I'm kicking around the idea of upgrading my current stock alternator to one of those nifty CS130 alternators. I'm already buying a new engine wiring harness that can be fitted with the proper connectors for the alternator. My question are:

1) Can I make this look fairly stock?

2) Is this the best route to go? Car doesn't have a major stereo, but does have a MSD ignition and possibly EFI in the future. Is it overkill?

3) Can I make it bolt up in the stock location? I read the tech article on the alternators, but they were all on a small block, and this would be for a big block. Thanks in advance!

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I switched my 69 with small block to an internally regulated alternator. I got a forward lamp harness from M&H, and used the alternator they recommend, from a 1978 350 Camaro. The only thing that cropped up unexpectedly was that I had to buy one little bracket from a 78 Camaro as well. The little 'L' shaped bracket that bolts onto the back of the alternator (the one which that really long bolt threads through and then into the head) is different between the two alternators. Hope this helps. It was a pretty easy swap.

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