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Update Progress 70 Chevelle

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Hi guys, Its been about 3 years. Good to be back working on the Velle again. The whole car was re-skinned, media blasted placed on a rotisserie and now its time to prep for paint. Cranberry red code 75, black stripes. The guy in the the pic is my friend /painter Albert Garcia. The 56 is his work, he says my car will look better! I cant wait.


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Lookin' Good!
Joseph Thanks! Those vells you have there are sweet!
Cool steering wheel never seen one like that .......loos like your project is coming along nicely
Looks great!:thumbsup:
Looking good, bet you cannot wait for paint :thumbsup:
Looking good, like the steering wheel. keep us posted on your progress.

Looks great, keep us updated.
Sweet Thanks for posting!
Okay, My wife and I are back from the body shop. Here are the pics I think its turning out great! We went with the white primer sealer.

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I couldnt resist restoreing the first piece I brought home today!

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Well today we striped the deck lid and hood using a stripe kit. We also painted the black for the stripes.

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NICE !! I really do like it
Looking good

More body work on the body and time for clear on the other parts. Next is color sanding!

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Today the 70 Velle got her Red Shoes! Tommrow Clear coat. I also added the Trunk emblem to the deck lid, after drilling holes. Gota touch that up also.

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