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I'm not sure what upper arm to get the 4056 or the 4033.. I prefer Delrin and no adjustment (I think) but want the .9 tall ball joint.. I also plan on getting the UMI lower with Delrin and the .5 tall ball joint.. Stock 69 El camino spindles..

Can I install the .9 in the 4033?

I don't care about shims.. My 69 Elco has a 454 with stock log manifolds and has tons of room for shims or home made spacers.. I've aligned a few cars and this one is pretty straight..

100% spirited street driving on curvy Western Pennsylvania / West Virginia roads..

Thank you,

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Thanks for the question.

The 4033 arm with 0.9 ball joints is generally a no-go due to the HUGE amount of shims it requires. If you add a tall lower, it would be double HUGE.

We are finding the 4056 upper arm to be durable and quiet (since most road noise is transferred through the lower) so there really isn't a negative to it in tall ball joint or tall spindle applications.

Give us a call to discuss if you'd like more info.


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