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UDHarold is looking.......

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As of about 3:00 PM today, I am no longer employed by Holley/Lunati. They let a number of us go today, in a wage cut-back plan.
The VooDoo cams are excellent cams, and I urge all of you who are in the market for a good cam to consider them. They perform as I have stated.
I do not know what I am going to do next, but I already have had my first job interview..........
I do not intend to give this up. All I can say is that I have set myself a high bar to top........
Please do not send me all those sympathy notes, I know you all mean it, but I want to remain in an upbeat mood.....
I will continue to answer questions here about cams in general, my old UD stuff, and about what I did at Lunati. Just don't ask me any of those "When will XXXXX be ready?", because I will probably act a little like Rhett Butler.....

Thanks for everything....

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Harold. It's certainly their loss and I'm rather surprised. You generated more interest in those products than thousands of dollars worth of print could ever do.
Companies do not always grow smarter.
Is there a possibility that you will go back in business for yourself? or just too much crap anymore to mess with it?

I was afraid they would pick your "brains" and can you!!

I say this b/c the old APGreen Refractory Company did it to me after 18.5 years after I figured out how to physically gunite pumpable castables for them AND I told my Boss that I wanted to do something else!!

So they just helped me out the door!! (And I was the only guy in the World that figured out how to gunite Phos-bonded Refractory Plastics earlier for them too)..

Dam near killed me b/c of all the hatred!!

BUT it came full circle when I made peace with my now gone Ex-Boss that did it to me b/c now the old Firebrick Plant is closed down!! (And you don't know how it hurts me to see it closed b/c of all the good decent, hard working people that lost their jobs. They were like family!!)...

The hatred radiated from me until I made peace with him AND I honestly believe he gave me a great recommedation that allowed me to be hired doing what I do now b/c I couldn't buy a job before I made peace with him!!

Guy, I hope the best for you in the day's ahead!!


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Words can't express my thoughts on this shocking news but I know that you'll bounce back into something better hey! Bad, Bad, Lunati, who's running that place?! Good luck Harold and again thanks for all your help to us here on Team Chevelle!
Harold I've had the pleasure to talk to you when I ordered my 262 voodoo cam for my 396. I just would like to say I wish you the best of luck and I have no doubt you'll move on to something better. Kevin
This comes after spending all that time programming thier cam grinders? They are a bunch of low life scumbags in my opinion.
Harold, you're a good man! Straight up, upfront, and intelligent. I just want you to think of all the possibilities you have now. You're your own man. They were just holding you back, if this is the case. Good luck, and have fun!! We'll all be here, following you, wherever you go!! :)
I agree, a bunch of scumbags, I will never buy anything Lunati again(not that i bought that much anyways...) Go ahead and get some unemployement while you can
So you KICKED IT UP A NOTCH at lunati and then they can you. Was it mutual ? Thats why i do not work for big companys anymore. Dont worry a bit, god has his plan for you...nicole
Good people are never unemployed very long. Good luck in your next venture whatever it may be!
that is just unbelieveable to me, I will never buy anything from lunati again, of couse if harold doesn't matter to them i sure as hell don't either. Big companies think everybody is replaceable and maybe we all are, but i don't see any other cam designers from other companies answering questions on here daily. Shows what kind of person harold really is. As one door closes, hundreds open for a person such as harold.

Worked to the bone, then sent ya home... permanently. I wonder if they viewed the "wage cut-back" VS. the sales you'll already get them from the VooDoos, and also the potential sales a person of your caliber could make them on other endeavors... ?

Oh well, like others said.. their loss not yours. We'll have your back here if you need it Harold. :sad:
Who's this Rhett Butler guy Harold and whats he act like?:)

Please stay in touch and let us know where you land (and where we can take all our cam business).
I'm stunned as well.

Harold, I had just put your phone number in my cell and had planned to give you a call and pick your brain for a bit. After Jud Massengill's cam seminar, I had a few questions that I thought you might sort out for me. It was amazing how many positive things that Jud had to say about you.

I hereby boycott Lunati products and will do my best to steer from the parent company of Holley, and all it's subsidiaries, as well. That might be tough since I already have one of their carbs, but they'll not get a good dime out of me.

I went thru similar experiences at a big company (well, they didn't pick my brain and let me go). But, I'm sick of big business and their strategy of employee expendability at any cost.

I hope their cam company goes down the freakin' toilet.

Tell us where you land.
I hope he lands on the West Coast.

Harold, any chance you can give a quick run down of all the cam "lines" you designed for the various companies you've worked for? We all know about the Comp HE line, did you design them all from the 256 on up? What about the Magnum line? Anything for Crane? Isky? etc.

I just think it would be interesting to see which lines of cams came from your brain storms.

I hope you land somewhere good but I don't think I'll be boycotting like some of the others here. Now, even though Lunati did something unjust, they're the ones supplying your legacy cams and the Voodoo's and I don't know of any other way to get myself say the UD276/84 without buying from Lunati?
Bullet Cams has the ability to produce the UltraDyne legacy cams. It says so on their website.

They have a large lobe library of their own, also, and fast turnaround on customs.

Well Harold, I hope you'll continue to stop by here now and again to continue your much needed assistance and wisdom. I for one will be looking for some cam help somewhere down the road and would appreciate the benefit of your knowledge.
Good luck and Godspeed to you Sir.

Always thought Crane was the place that needed a new groove. :)
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