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UDHarold, HR cam recommendation, please

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I need a hydraulic cam recommendation for the following scenario:
523ci (4.560 x 4.00)
Pro Topline 320cc runner rectangle port heads, should flow in the 350 range at .650), angle machined to 104cc chambers
Static CR: 9.7:1 with flat top single valve relief pistons
502 crate motor carb, 850 vac sec
Intake is up in the air, probably have to go with small single plane to feed this many inches to close to HR valve float, will probably put a 6K chip in the MSD box.
All engine components are top shelf - Dart Big M block, Lunati Pro Mod crank and +.250 Lunati Pro Mod rods, JE full skirt forged pistons, etc. so I'm sure it can take any punishment I care to throw at it.
Believe it or else, this goes into a daily driven 1-ton extended cab truck, crosses the scales right at 6000 lbs. Very little towing or hauling but it may get hooked onto a car trailer, won't pull over 8000 lbs max, so I'm sure I'll have enough bottom end torque without having to cam for it just by virtue of it's size.
Tranny is a built TH400, rear gears are 3.73, 16" tires are right at 30" tall. The calculator I used put my highway cruise at 3000 rpm or so.
I know this sounds nuts to spend this kind of money on a truck engine, but I have all the parts and I know I'll always drive a truck as a daily driver - I'm an old farm boy and just don't feel comfortable driving a car every day, much better suited to a truck. I'll save the tired old 454 that's in there now so I can pull this engine if I ever sell or wreck the truck. I'm figuring that this will be the last engine I'll probably ever really need to build since it'll be plenty strong enough to be used in pretty much any vehicle including a Chevelle. As hard as the cast iron of these blocks is, wear isn't really an issue, plus I still have .070 before I get to Dart's 4.625 max bore recommendation, so I don't think I'll ever get there. Just in case, though, I have a CNC Bowtie block, new in the box, that I can break out if needed. I'm hoping to use it in a Chevelle someday, though ;)
No computer will be involved so those parameters won't apply. Brakes are hydro-boost, so vacuum isn't an issue, either. I want a cam that has plenty of chop (who's gonna believe it out of a 1-ton anyway?) but will pull hard to 5500 or so. These heads can take any lift that a HR can muster so that's not an issue. Paint job on the truck is sorry (red with peeling white that so many of us are familiar with), perfect heavy sleeper.
There's a guy in town with a similar truck with a fairly well build 454 that's run just under 13 seconds in it. I've watched him run and I know that his times are legit. I think I can tune it with a 1000hp to under 12 seconds. Similar engines I've found run in the 625 hp / 650 ft/lbs range. I've got something for your hemi - and your noisy stinkin' power stroke, too! (no offense to the diesel guys, I love 'em and would own one if I could afford it, but it's not in the cards right now).
How about it - I'd like to end up with arguably the fastest N/A foot-braked extended cab 1-ton truck running on stock type suspension in the country! :D :D :D :D :D
Thanks in advance for your help!
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Ovals just weren't gonna cut it with big inches. This will kill some of the bottom end and let me pull hard quite a bit higher. Just couldn't see all that horsepower above the oval's limit going to waste. I think that this is gonna be a great combo, should be fun pickin' on Rustangs with a 1-ton, huh?
With that hp/wt ratio, I bet that'll be a whole lot more than a handful. Shootin' for 9's, are we?
I did a little bit of research and found out that the Dodge extended cab trucks with their so-called hemi's weigh within a hundred pounds of my dually. They're reporting 11 - 13 mpg with overdrive. I can see a couple of hemi pee-boys on my back window, maybe another sticker that says, "I've got a little somethin' for your hemi!". All the guys I know that own 'em brag about all that power and what they outrun in their trucks. Sounds like a little cruise night fun coming to me! Good luck on the 'stang - featherweight cars and big engines can sure be a lot of fun!
Thanks for the recommendation, Harold! I know that you're busy and I appreciate your time.
Quick question - how much would it dog it to use your VooDoo 231/239 cam? That's the one I was actually leaning toward. Those with big engine experience tell me not to be scared to put a big cam in a big inch engine since they're much more docile with 500+ inch engines, so I figured that the 231/239 in a 522 would act more like a 454 would with the 221/229 that you recommended. I'm not second-guessing you, just trying to learn. I'm still somewhat concerned about torque on the bottom end since I'll be driving empty most of the time and traction is definitely an issue with load rated tires, but I sure don't want it to be a slug when driving around town.
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