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Mr. harold,my 496 ruined the engine bearings on my first trip to the track,so im throwing together a 350 just for cruising purposes out of stuff laying around until i have the funds to redo the 496.I'm gonna have a .040 over 350 with 10-1 compression,4000 converter,4.11 gears,1 5/8 headers,performer rpm intake.Hydraulic or solid flat tappet will be ok. By the way,if the 496 runs in second and third like it left the line,then it's gonna be very stout.That cam is a torque producer!! The old solid flat tappet 454 would just barely lift the left front tire.The 496 with your cam lifted it about 8 inches but the engine lost oil pressure so no pass. Please recomend a torque producer for the 350. All responses appreciated from anyone. Thanks
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