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turn signals inop (long)

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When the lights are on, my right turn signal stays lit. Will work with lights off. Read a few posts with the search button and this is what i did so far. Regrounded headlight grounds by each side of the rad support. Pulled bulbs to check for dual filament. Ran a new ground strap from the column to the e-brake bracket. Ran new ground on right front frame to fender strap. Ran new ground on right rear bulb socket to inside of trunk. The column strap was the last repair made. Did this at work and it worked!! All bulbs lit correctly with good intensity. Cleaned up and on the drive home I decided to see if it still works. The problem is back. Same as before. My question is, did I miss a ground?? Could a turn signal switch be damaged inside the column. Tommorrow I am going to remove the wheel and check to make sure the switch is mounted correctly. I bought as new delco one just in case. Any more ideas would be appreciated
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I wouldn't change the switch as a first step. If you feel like changing something, change the turn signal flasher can under the dash. They act goofy once in awhile.
After that, with the lights on and the right signal selected:
Take a jumper wire. Touch the light bulb base right where it meets the glass. Touch the other end of the jumper to a known good ground. See if this changes anything. Try it on both the front and rear bulbs. This jumper will bypass the socket ground and body ground and directly feed a ground right to the light bulb.
Turn the right turn signal on. I assume the left rear light is pulsing on.
Remove the left rear bulb. Measure the yellow wire to ground. See a pulsing or a steady voltage? If so pop the right rear bulb out and see if it goes away. If not, remove the front bulbs one at a time and see if you can eliminate power on the yellow wire.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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