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turn signals inop (long)

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When the lights are on, my right turn signal stays lit. Will work with lights off. Read a few posts with the search button and this is what i did so far. Regrounded headlight grounds by each side of the rad support. Pulled bulbs to check for dual filament. Ran a new ground strap from the column to the e-brake bracket. Ran new ground on right front frame to fender strap. Ran new ground on right rear bulb socket to inside of trunk. The column strap was the last repair made. Did this at work and it worked!! All bulbs lit correctly with good intensity. Cleaned up and on the drive home I decided to see if it still works. The problem is back. Same as before. My question is, did I miss a ground?? Could a turn signal switch be damaged inside the column. Tommorrow I am going to remove the wheel and check to make sure the switch is mounted correctly. I bought as new delco one just in case. Any more ideas would be appreciated
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Just an update. Probed the T/S harness with lights on/key on. Constant power at purple wire and dark blue wire. With lights off, blinking voltage. Changed right side bulbs. No change. Also with lights off, and right turn signal on, Left rear t/s and license plate lights blink faintly. So i'm almost certain it's a ground but did I miss one???
hey john m. Just performed your check on all t/s bulbs, no change. Checked the ground i made at the column bracket, no change. Also, I'm not sure if this is new or has been there all a long, When the lights are off and the rightt/s is on all lights blink. front and rear t/s and marker lights. Think you can delve further with me. Also I am having the front end done tommorrow and will be without the velle til friday. If you have any ideas i'll drop it off in the afternoon and test it in the morning. thanks
just got the front end finished on the 68 so its back to the turn signals. Decided to install the turnsignal switch for the heck of it. After removing the wheel, discovered something. One ,the contacts for the turn signals and hazards were all gummed up from corrosion. Caused by a broken switch which was allowing the hazard and right turn signal contacts to hit in the right turn position. Installed and whala :D , evertything blinks right. Time to hit the movies.
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