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Turn Signal

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I have a 69 Chevelle SS that is a week out of restification. Its in the break-in stage now and I'm having problems with the left turn signal. Both front and rear left side lights work when the turn signal is turned on,but do not flash. The right turn signal works. The 4 ways work. Would anyone have any idea what to look at next? Thanks.

69 Chevelle SS
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by mr409:
Probably a bad ground on that side. To test, attach a ground wire to the socket. I had the same thing on my '69 and this is all it turned out to be. Most likely the rear bulb too.


Atleast 70% of the electrical problems in my SS have been traced back to bad grounds. Cause some rather interesting things and different each time. Always the first place I check for everything electrical. Grounds, grounds, grounds.
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