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Turn Signal Problems...

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I have a problem with the turn signal in my 69 Chevelle and don't know exactly where to start tracking the problem. The hazards, brake lights, and turn signals all work. When I brake and have the left turn signal on it works too, but when I have the right turn signal blinking and hit the brake, only the right turn signal stays on until I let off the brake where it begins blinking again and the brake light on the right comes on again. If I have the hazards on and hit the brake all the lights, including the front turn signals just stay on also. I don't really know where to track the problem to. Any help would be appreciated, thanks
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I can't believe it - someone else from LaPorte!!! You may have seen me or my car before, I have a green 1971 chevelle that usually runs through town during the summer. I'm at school right now, but I live on Fail Rd and went to New Prairie. Shoot me an e-mail, I'd love to talk.

Also, I agree with John I had a similar problem and traced it to a bad ground - lots of weird stuff happens when you have bad grounds.

Hope to talk to you soon

Adam Layman
1971 Chevelle Malibu
My website
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