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Turn Signal Problem

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This is my first time on . . . I need some help on an electrical problem and would appreciate some aid.

Car's a '71 Chevelle. I had a short on my tail light harness . . . fixed that, and ever since, my turn signals don't blink, they just stay solid. I replaced the flasher unit on the fuse panel under the dash, and all the fuses and bulbs work fine. The hazards operate correctly, as do the brake lights. But the turn signals don't. Even the in-dash indicators stay solid on a turn signal!

I've heard there may be a second flasher unit, but I can't find one anywhere under the dash.

I even disconnected the tail light harness . . . makes no difference.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

'71 Chevelle
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Welcome to

The flasher on the fuse block is for the four way (emergency) flashers. The flasher for the dir signals is located above and to the right of the steering column. I attached an illustration to help locate it.

click for pic
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