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I’ve been rewiring my car with a painless harness and I’m adding led signals. They come as circuit boards that glue into the housing, rather than a bulb and socket deal.
The problem is, see photo attached, my driver side signal is not stock 70 Chevelle. Does anyone recognize the shape? I need to have the stock assembly so that the led board is properly sealed from moisture.
I will be able to fix and use the bracket on the pass side but I need to find a replacement for the drivers side. I know Chevy A-bodies use a lot of the same parts, so I’m not only looking for chevelles at junkyards, for example the 70 Nova parking lamps seem to be a similar shape but does anyone know of other models I can keep an eye out for to widen the net? I’m learning but I don’t have a list in my mind of buicks, pontiacs that might use the same brackets.

(Also if anyone has these assemblies sitting on a shelf I’m interested in buying them up to $60 shipped)

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