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turn signal malfunction

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When I purchased the elky last August, I noticed the directionals didn't work. Much to the surprise of the seller? All of the other lights worked, hazards,parking,etc. After removing the steering wheel, horn contact,inspecting the turn signal switch, I noticed that the ignition warning buzzer switch spring contacts were smashed/bent. Could this be the problem?
I did have signals temporarily for about '3' left/right movements of my directional lever.

Thanks, Steve
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by John_Muha:
Those contacts have nothing to do with the signal wiring. Try replacing the flasher can. Located under the dash to the right of the column. About $3.00 new.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I replaced the can already, seems to be working.Any other suggestions?

Thanks, Steve
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