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turn signal malfunction

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When I purchased the elky last August, I noticed the directionals didn't work. Much to the surprise of the seller? All of the other lights worked, hazards,parking,etc. After removing the steering wheel, horn contact,inspecting the turn signal switch, I noticed that the ignition warning buzzer switch spring contacts were smashed/bent. Could this be the problem?
I did have signals temporarily for about '3' left/right movements of my directional lever.

Thanks, Steve
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Do your emergency flashers work? If so, then there could be a problem in the directional switch in your column. If not, you may have a grounding problem. Are all the fuses OK? Check the connector at the base of the column. That is where the directional switch harness plugs into the main harness. One or more wires may be pulled out or damaged.

Good luck

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