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turn signal and brake lights

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Everytime a touch my brakes, my fuse pops (tail light). My brake lights do not work and neither does the turn signal. HELP please!!! If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreiciate it. Thanks
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The only thing different is I have an alarm installed. I rechecked the wires, I noticed a wire connected to my turn signals (lighting circuit) and one connected to a light in the dash. I'll recheck the grounds tonight. Thanks
Thanks for the info, one of my grounds was disconnected by the firewall. The driver's side brake light is coming on, but the passenger side is not. I'll keep checking...
I'm going to check the cancelling cam and recheck the 'alarm' work this weekend. The brakes are finally working correctly, but I'll pull the steering wheel and see what the deal is with the turn signal assembly... Thanks
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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