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Have a B&M Transkit that I am putting in a TH400.

The forward clutch it says to put in the wavy clutch plate (asume this means the old one as no new one comes with it), then one of their new steels on top of it and the new friction discs. You end up with the wavy plate plus 5 new steels and 5 discs. This is one more then originaly in their (because you are leaving the wavy one in). I am guessing they are trying to tighten up the clearances on the clutch pack, the new steels are .076, I think the old steels were .078 and the wavy .061, but I would have to double check that. Problem is that I have to press down on the hub in order to install the snap ring, this has to be way too tight.

It doesn't say what the clearance should be for the clutch pack. Anyone done one of these and have any good advise? Tried calling them but of course they aren't open today.
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