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Guys and Gals,

We received this testimonial today and it's a good thought for those of you who refuse to cut your floor for a Tremec TKO. Over the years, I've seen installs where cutting was not required and having good body mounts is extremely important. A 3/4" drop might be a bit much but it evidently didn't affect drive-line angles for Mr. Prater.

"My name is Terry Prater . I recently purchased a TKO-600 Perfect Fit for my 69 SS Chevelle . It was a 4spd car. NOW she’s proud a 5spd car . The trans pack that I received was complete and I was worried that I was going to have to cut her floor pan with the instructions and new sheet metal that came with the kit. But it went together like a dream .

I didn’t have to cut the floor pan because I lower the mount on the cross member ¾ “ and that gave me plenty of clearance 3/8” all the way around!! I filled the trans with oil and pulled her out. I live in Alabama, our first trip to break the trans in was to Panama City Beach. I couldn’t believe the difference . The cruising RPM had dropped from 3600rpm at 70mph to 2200rpm at 70mph and still plenty of power.

My gas mileage has doubled it was 9mpg to 18mpg . My Chevelle is so much more drivable now .

I wished I would have put this 5spd when I first built her. I just wanted to say thank you.

I sending a picture of my car."

Thanks for reading.

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