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We all have these life events, and I know car wreck pictures are all over the web.
We all know where the loud pedal is, so just try to remember.. things happen, and our older cars are not new cars, and even new cars are not bullet proof.

My friend died last week in a car accident in his corvette, flipping it.
I forget what year it was.
He was 31.

The picture is not "graphic" but does show the remains of the car.

I'm not trying to start a debate about "the track is the place" this wasn't a street race, just out of control driving on the street.

I'm not trying to preach, sorry if it sounds that way, just use your discretion when you throttle it.


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Sorry for your and your friends loss. I think anyone who drives cars like our occasionally hit the fun pedal. But this is a good reminder that there are lots of variables on the street that are not apparent in a split second (spot of loose gravel from work truck, oil slick from old leaker, kids darting out between cars, or around here deer randomly showing up on the road).

You guys driving to CB take it easy and make sure the fire extinguisher (get a real 5# one) are charged up. Yesterday a ladies car emploded because of a dash wiring fire and no one had a FE.
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