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I recently had one of the torsion rods on my trunk lid break. I ordered a used set from a GTO on E-bay, and after cleaning the rust & painting them, tried to install the broken one this morning. I do know they are different, and am using the correct one. After doing a search here on how to install them, I got the rod into the first forward adjustment notch. Needs to go to the center adjustment notch, but it will hold the lid up, weakly. I am only replacing the rod that has the U on the driver side hinge and adjusts on the pass side, the other rod was never removed. My problem is, when I close the trunk now, something binds, and holds the trunk lid, when the trunk lid is about 8" from being closed. I can force it closed, but it's not right. I ran the new rod, that engages the 3 adjustment notches on the pass side, under the other rod. Maybe that's the problem ? Can't really see anything else binding up. Appreciate it if someone could look at their torsion rods to see which is run under the other, or has experienced this problem .
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