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Trunk insulation and carpet

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This post is mainly directed at the non-stock crowd. I’ve seen trunk panel kits that line the trunk with upholstered or carpeted panels but they really reduce the size of the trunk.
I use my trunk all the time so reducing its size with panels is a non-starter for me. But I do want to kill the echo chamber affect.
Has anyone ever glued insulation/carpet to all of the surfaces in the trunk? Even the insides of the quarter panels?
Any pics?
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Yesterday I filled my trunk with a bunch of moving blankets. Maybe 10 layer out on the bottom and against the back seat and then drove around.
The interior noise level in the car dropped dramatically. Less drone, less tire noise. It was so dramatic I could tell That I was now hearing more noise through the engine firewall then from the rear.
I‘m going to have to figure out how to attenuate my trunk without diminishing its size.
Do you have the panel behind the trunk or the divider board itself covered in deadener? I'd put some on the inside of the quarter, underside of the trunk lid, and the drop offs as well. The trunk floor should have enough ribs and reinforcement that only a trunk mat would be needed.
I have the stock hardboard divider with jute on it between the rear seat and trunk. Under the rear seat all the way up past the seatbelt bolts I have Dynamat. I also have Dynamat inside the quarter panels and behind the interior quarter panels. The doors and the rest of the floors are also covered in Dynamat. Behind the interior quarter and door panels I did not go over any openings. I didn’t want crap to accumulate on the back of the Dynamat where the sticky side would be exposed Inside.
I do not currently have anything under the rear window package tray so that’s just a thin piece of cardboard.
I feel like the noise was coming through the sail panel area. Probably the package tray too. Possibly through the quarter glass openings. That’s why I decided to try to kill the trunk echo with bazillions of blankets. Kill the source rather than mask it. It worked pretty darn good.
But that was a test. I’m not driving around with a trunk full of moving blankets for ever. So I figure if I line the entire trunk with something that will absorb sound or al least not reflect it that this would be a big help.
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I had the trunk of my '67 lined with jute and carpeted, made a big difference. I also had custom panels made & covered to "finish" the look, which I know isn't what you want. But they were easily removed & hid the battery & subwoofer that I installed on the rear shelf.
Did you glue anything to the inside of the quarter panels? That‘s what I’m leaning towards.
Glue foam and carpet to the quarter panels, carpet the bottom of the trunk without glue, insulate and carpet the back of the rear seat from the trunk side and insulate under the package shelf. Probably the wheel tubs too.
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