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OKay so i was doing some research on my car, I always knew it was an original SS car, but I actually dug out my build sheet (from my fire proof safe:) and got to looking at the options. According to everything I looked at it's a 350hp 396,4spd car. it has the wheel well molding, but no rocker panel molding, and it's solid black, no stripes?? I didn't know the made SS's w/o stripes. It has ivory interior and bucket seats w/ consol. the only other "wierd " option that I found is that is has the facotry front bumper gaurds. I still have the original 396 for it sitting in my car port, but my question is..does it sound like more of a rare car due to options or does that not make that much diffrence? I'm debating on how to sell it... sell it like it is w/ the 498/th-400 with the custom flamed paint job, including the 396 and m-21 I have or, selling the 498/auto combo and using that $ to paint it back solid black and put the 4-spd/consol back in the car along with the 396. I'm not looking to get 35-40K out of this car if that's even possible, but 25-28 would be nice. any advice would be great...thanks in advance

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I was going to include all original parts with the sale as it is right now. and i'll go ahead and post a video of the car as it is :)
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