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Troubleshooting braking issues with vacuum pump

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Hi all,

After replacing the rag joint on my 67 SS, I went to take it for a test drive. Good news is that the steering is working fine. The bad news is that the brakes were barely holding with me literally standing on them at each stop sign. Needless to say, I ended the test drive early and have the car safely back in the garage. I have an SSBC electric vacuum pump kit installed (previous owner). I'm suspecting the vacuum switch, but is there a way I can verify that? I want to avoid ordering unnecessary parts if possible.

Thanks as always for the great advice!
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You should only test a switch with a bypass wire. That's not a permanent solution. If that makes the pump run, than you know the switch needs replacement. Also, you need to pull the vacuum line from the pump and put your finger on it when the pump runs to be sure the pump creates vacuum and doesn't have some kind of internal leak, but still runs.
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