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Trim Tag on 66 SS

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Hi everyone,

Have been reading the forum with great interest. I have a 66 Chevelle SS 396. I have decoded the whole trim tag. The only thing I am stumped on is at the bottom for options. I have decoded the W 2LGSR but just below that is 5YL. The 5 is for option code 5. The Y is for deluxe seat belts. Does any one know what the "L" is for under option code 5?

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I do not have retractors, but it very possibly could be the L code and my car may have had them at one time.

elcamino thinks maybe it is bumper guards. Do you know that definitively or is that a hunch? This is under option group 5. For instance, the "L" under option group 2 is for 4spd.

I appreciate your input. Thanks!

Naples66 (cCarl H.)
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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