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Transporting a Chevelle

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Anyone know of a reliable,responsible,and reasonable transport outfit that will ship a Chevelle from the Boston area to New Orleans area? Prefer an enclosed trailer, bonded and insured.
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Hi Skip,

I've used PC Bear out of Lancaster Penn. twice to transport cars. Once from Miss. to NY and from upstate NY to Long Island. He came recommended to me from friends who used him in the past. His prices were reasonable and called me a couple of times from the road to tell me where he was and how things were going. You can reach him at 717 859-1585. Leave a message he will call you back at nite. Good Luck.

PS. If you use him be prepared to hear all of his car stories. The man sure can talk.
Of course the only way to transport a real Chevelle is driving it.

You mean I missed another Chevelle In the Boston area I used Cumberland Express Last year they brought My 69 from Tenn to Boston
There address is
1414 Old Alardt RD
Jamestown Tenn 38556
Phone 931 879 3682
toll free 1 888 882 3682
they advertise in hemmings it cost me 600 I think they were great MIKE
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