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Transmisson Problem.

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I have a Turbo 400 and a Torque converter that were built by a company named Select Performance in New York I believe. I have no idea how long ago as they were on the car when I bought it. When I first started driving the car late last year all was ok. Then I had a car show and on the last day of the show when I went to leave I put the car in reverse and nothing. I turned the car off and turned it back on and it went into gear and off I went. I did notice that the car did not shift as hard but thought nothing of it.

Fast forward two months till today. I bought a new Trans pan and I wanted to install it. I had to change the oil pickup as this pan was a bit shallower. I put everything back together went to go cruise around the block and I put it in reverse and nothing. the engine does not even idle down like it is in gear. I reved the engine a bit and nothing. I know nothing about Transmissions but what do you guys think it could be? Money is definitely an issue, but I imagine that I will need to take it to a trans shop.
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I'd check the 3 bolts that hold the converter to the flexplate as a start.
Then the flexplate to crank bolts.
The fluid level.
The shift linkage.
That's a start.
Drop the pan and see if the link is still connected to the valve body and external shift arm.
Feel any resistance when you turn the converter?
Post back when you get some info from the shop.
Heres some info:

Was your converter modified for a thick or spaced flexplate?
That article has some good info ,but it doesn't tell you that the converter still needs to index in the crank.
It's possible to over shim and not have the converter in the crank.
Might need to shim the flexplate if that's the case.
1 - 7 of 22 Posts
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