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Transmission Help???

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Thought I had a TH350, dropped my pan and the gasket I bought does not fit. GM 52 8261065 any clue???

Is this a HydraMatic 350 transmission and is the pan and filter different than a TH350?
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Sounds like your local parts store gave you the wrong gasket which is pretty common these days . Ask for somthin for a 350 tranny and they give you the dazed and confused look lol
I feel real stupid, I was trying to put the gasket on upside down😱long day.
Lol... I think there are plenty on here including yours truly who done as absent minded things
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How bout I changed the oil in my truck a few weeks ago.
Pulled plug pulled filter replaced filter let truck down put 5 quarts in .
Eh now I'll sit down smoke a cigarette drink a coffee then check the stick .
Smoked the cigarette drank the coffee checked the dipstick nothing on it look under the truck and theres my new 5 quarts right on the floor lol
Oil change rule #1 . Plug must get put back In prior to filling crank case lol
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I forgot an oil filter once. Filled it up, turned it on, crapped my pants.

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