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I know it's against the "Male Genetic Programming" to consult a manual or instruction sheet - but I could've saved myself an hour of dinkin' around this afternoon.

The RH stop/turn feed (big connector on class IV hitch) hasn't worked on my truck for the year I've owned it (used). It's been one of those "I'll get around to it things" and I finally did. Got out the VOM and testlight and started checking from the bumper connector forward. No juice, No juice, No juice.

I learned something along the way. The truck has a completely separate/independant "trailer" lighting harness built into the vehicle harness. I followed the harness all the way up the frame, probing and checking the intermediate connectors. Vehicle lights OK, trailer feed dead.

Then the lightbulb in my head (pun intended) went on. Consult the Owner's Manual! Guess what! The entire trailer circuit is separately fused from the vehicle's! Replaced a 20 cent fuse and the problem's fixed.

Just go hide in the garage where nobody will see you, and read the book! It saves time!
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