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track results

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this outting i did a little more port work in the intake and replaced almost the entire exaust. replaced the lemons colletors with 4/2/1 flowmaster collectors, h pipe 18" from primaries with 12" bullets empting into atmosphere at 35.5". the hole thing was a wash!!!! nada, nuttin hunny! at lest it didnt slow down. it did go a 1.46 once, best of the night was a 10.62 with a 1.49 at 126.44. looks like im done till cool weather. next set of upgrades should be a little more promising. Dave
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something you will learn from years of trial and error, is change 1 thing at a matter how small of a change it is...

you will never know if 1 thing helped and another thing hurt...if you do more than 1 at a time:noway:
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