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I'm planning on install a 90 tpi speed density 5.7 & a 700r4 Trans in my 67 Chevelle. Anyone out there tried this. Are wiring diagrams available. I took the complete wiring harness, fuse block & ECM from the 90 Firebird. I'm looking to simplify this if possible.
Thanks Ron
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I suggest you buy the conversion book from Jags That Run.
As I remember it is about $10. Then follow their advise on shop manuals. You can't live without them. They will have all the wiring diagrams, etc. Finally, I have a spare wiring harness for a '90 TPI and 700R4 set-up that will greatly simplify the installation. I will sell real reasonable as I put this package in my '76 Blazer and never did the 2nd truck as planned. Therfore, I have a spare harness.
Craig Berland

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Using an aftermarket (or cbs') wiring harness will do much to avoid problems. Having a dedicated harness with no extraneous wires really simplifies things. Also, It may be better to use your brackets/accessories. I think that the serpentine system has caused clearance problems in a few instances. BUT - I'm not positive about that.

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