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Torque Thrust D & 66' Velle: Will they fit?

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Yes, I did search the wheel data base, but could not find my application listed with my rear tire size .

I want the 15 inch Torque Thrust "D" classic wheel for my 66' Chevelle. BUT, they only sell the "D" in 15x8.5x3.750 back space. Will this fit my 66'? I have 15x8x4.50bs Weld Wheels now and the wheels and tires (275/60/15 tires) fit great.

Will the extra 1/2 inch width of the "D" rim help offset the 3.750 back space? If I buy these rims....will they fit with my tires under my wheel wells???

Thanks so much to all!!
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My original 15x8.5 Torque thrusts fit my uncut 66 Chevelle with 12 bolt...-I narrowed the rear 1/2 inch on each side and ralso I run 255R15 tires...
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