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To lap valves or not? this is the question...

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I am rebuilding my 454. I just got the heads back from the machine shop where I had the seats ground. I have brand new valves for it. Springs will remain stock. Cam is only a step up from stock (Edelbrock 2162 with matched intake manifold).
My question is - is it worth lapping the valves? I have searched here in the forums and cant seem to find a definitive answer concerning new valves.
I know how to lap them having done it a few times over the years, just wondering if its even necessary given the valves are new and the machine shop done by a man I trust completely.
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Lapping the valves is not necessary and can be detrimental to the valve face and the seat. However it is my opinion that new valves should be put into a valve grind machine and checked, just to be sure. I have seen some new valves that are not exactly concentric and touching them up on the valve grinder will guarantee that they are OK.
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