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TKO conversion, what to use for a console shifter boot?

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Click the thumbnail below and you will see the current status of a TH400 to TKO600 upgrade. I wasn't cool with the stock bend shift lever supplied with the kit, cuz the reach was a little longer than I like with my shoulder's partially torn rotator cuff. So bought different bend lever, clipped it, and welded it back together so that the lever is centered over the transmission nub. I also used the rear mounting position for the shift housing, which required moving the console back about an inch.

Anyway, I can't use the stock slide plates with my new console top plate. I need a boot to cover the gaping hole. I know I won't find one off-the-shelf, has anyone ever had one custom made? I am thinking leather... 4 appropriately proportioned triangles sewn together would do the trick, bit I am not that tricky.

Any leads for me?


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you could get the stock rubber one and modify it. That's what i did.

I cut the edges and sandwhiched it between the top plate and and the console. BUT i've been really thinking about changing my car to a non-console car. I wonder what kind of coin i could get for my console or if i should just keep it for later down the road when i might want to go back to it. I think i might need a new front carpet peice if i take the console out.
unfortunately i do know what you mean by the contouring curve. it has made screwing down the top plate a little difficult, and i have a few stripped holes in my console from before.

I put the shifter housing on the frontal way. The shifter i got i didn't like either. It would have been perfect if i used the rearward shifter position, but that involved changing the stock position of the console as you already stated. I added another bend at the base of my shifter and the shifts are perfect.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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