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TKO 600 shift boot?

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What are you guys using for a shift boot with a center console on your 5 speeds? I ordered a shift boot from NPD for a 4 speed and it isn't going to fit.
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Yeah, the 4 speed boot goes on the floor under the sliding gate plates that are part of the console assembly. I bought the boot, too, and was going clip the ears down and laminate to the bottom side of the new console plate. The problem is, the stocker has a depression in the back, that it has a molded in base curve, too.

Not being a wise guy, but you know you need a new plate, right? I think they're like $45 from Muscle factory, the exact same thing as OPG for nearly twice as much. I know they're the same item, I held both in my hands on the same day when I was in SoCal.

My wife is trying to get me to have a leather one made, but I am off to other non-Chevelle projects. The leather one could attach to the recessed walls of the hole in the console with some home-made retainer strips underneath. I found a company that custom makes any boot for $100. I just haven't had time to measure the stuff exactly to fax them the design details.
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The metallic decorative plate on top of the console. With a TH400 staple shifter, the big "hole" is at the rear of the plate, with one big brushed aluminum facia at the front. With a TKO, the shifter will stick through the console in the middle, so a plate with the hole in the middle and a small aluminum facia on each side is needed. That's what came with the manual cars.

Be careful trying to find pics of TKO conversions for comparisons, some people used the TH console plate with a TKO and just moved the console forward about 6". I asked the question about a month ago, a pic of what I am talking about is in this thread...
I ended up making a 4 speed boot work. It has a "flange" which fits the contour the console 4 speed hump, so I had to do some mods.

1. Grind the little lip and end ribs off the bottom of the plate.

2. Glue some "t-nuts" on at the ends of the slot to attach the boot to.

3. Make a retainer "ring" out of Lexan or whatever ridgid material you like. It will look like a tapezoid, with a hole in the middle with the exact dimensions of the hole in your console, and same width as the console. Make it long enough to overlap the t-nuts you glued on.

4. Match drill your ring and boot so you can get screws through it into your t-nuts.

5. Sandwich it all together and insert the screws.

6. Trim the edges of the boot flange.

7. Install in console!

This comes out looking very, very nice, as if it was intended to be that way :thumbsup:
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