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Tire/Wheel fitment 64-65 El Camino

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I'm trying to find out if a 235 60 15 on a 15X8" wheel with 4 1/4" backspacing will fit on the rear of a 64-65 El Camino..I have a Car Craft article showing that 15X8" with 4 1/2" backspacing will fit up to a 245 60 r15 on these models..Anyone know?
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You can run it but it will be tight on the outside, especially if your fender lips haven't been trimmed or rolled.

I have run a 255/60/15 on S10 15x7 wheels with 4" backspacing, but my outer lips were trimmed long ago and it still nearly rubbed.

A 15x8 wheel with 5" backspacing will center the wheel in the opening as long as the rear diff is still the early one (narrower than 68-72.)

I run a 15x8 at the track with a 28x9" tire, which has a section width of about 11.25" on a 5" backspace and that's as much as I can fit on my 64.

I've measured my wheelwells every way possible so if there's anything more I can help with, just ask.

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