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Timing Question

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This may be a dumb question, but, here goes. I'm trying to get 36* total dialed in on my engine. I punched in 36* on my timimg light (vac advance plugged) and reved the engine. Should I see 36* at 0 on the tab?
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Not to jump on Scott, but I suggest setting the TOTAL first. Most of the dizzy's I've played with have a 20 to 22 mechanical curve.

If you set it to say 16 initial, and you have 20 mechanical, great!

But if you set it to 18-20 initial, and you have 22+ mechanical, you risk damage as your total will be pushed further than 40.

I suggest, set the total to 36-38*, and see where the initial falls. Most likely will be 14-16*, most likely 16 - which should be enough for good performance. Drive it around see if it feels snappy enough. If not, you will need to mod the dist. for less mechanical.

And may I make 1 more important suggestion: when setting your total, rev the motor hard to make sure there is no advance left. Some of these springs are so strong that they don' let the curve in till ~5000rpm. Just imagine setting to 36* total, just to have more advance left and then you have holes in the piston.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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