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Timing Question

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This may be a dumb question, but, here goes. I'm trying to get 36* total dialed in on my engine. I punched in 36* on my timimg light (vac advance plugged) and reved the engine. Should I see 36* at 0 on the tab?
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Thanks for the reply webfoot. What determines the RPM to hit the 36*? I'm still a little confused on this total timing issue.

My engine builder scribed two lines on the harmonic balancer, one at 36* and one at 38*. My problem is that when I try to time the engine, I feel I should see the 36* mark at zero when I dial it in on my timing light. When reving the engine it seems to go beyond the 36* mark at zero on the balancer. Would that mean I'm getting too much mechanical advance?

By the way, great info in your post, thanks.
I appreciate all the responses fellas.

I must admit that I am "ignut" a little about timing. I checked it again, the total seems to be 36-38* and the initial is 14*. Does this sound about right? Since this is a new engine, I haven't gotten on it much at all.

The cam is 224/234 530/550, 427 ci, original points distributor, Quadrajet. The engine was dynoed and the builder said he marked the balancer for future use of setting the timing at 36-38*.

I have no clue how the vac advance is setup. If I increase the initial timing to 16* or even 18*, then the total timing also increases, right?
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