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timing question help

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I have been fine tuning my motor forever. I put a moroso kit in my msd upgraded hei. I used the middle springs that don't start providing mechanical till like close to 2000 rpms. I had to do this because my idle was 1000 or so and regular springs would flutter the mechanical in and out making timing and idle very off. My issue now is I shot in 36 total at 3000 rpms with the vacuum advance removed and plugged off. My base is like 25 or so now? I have read and seen 18 base is on the high side but I have had nothing but issues getting my ride into those ranges. The car seems to run ok but I suspect it has to much advance at idle. It loves advance with the 292 530 lift cam but it appears I am not doing something right. Any ideas or kits to grab a better timming curve. I do have to much vacuum advance right now which is around 15 and will trim it down soon.
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Hi faulkkev

So at 3000 rpm your saying you have 11* mechanical and 25* initial advance.
How much mechanical advance do you get at 4000 rpm?
11* total mechanical advance seems pretty low to me , I like to see at least 20*-25* mechanical.
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