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I just got my car, and havent even run it yet so I cant say if it cooled enough before, but just looking at it and the changes I already made required some changes.

Anyway its a 66 Chevelle, 396. Aluminum radiator 4 core width, Electric fan shroud with the fan hole cut to accept a 15" heavy pitch plastic 5 blade flex fan (This fan always worked with our small block dirt cars). The engine has a new long style aluminum waterpump that I had to put on because of the new billet timing cover. I have the fan spaced so the blades are half way into the shroud and about 1" from the radiator. Spacing from the edge of blades to the shroud is also about 1". I also change out the 195* thermostat for a 180*.

I have never had a big block before so I am considering myself a newbie. If it were a small block I would be more in a comfort zone so to say. I cant wait to make some noise!!!!!
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