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I drove home yesterday (going about 90 for a few miles) and when i got home to pull into the garage my troubles began. When i put in reverse (automatic) it was making a horrid grinding noise but it still moved so i went ahead and got it in the garage. Once i got stopped, i noticed steam coming from under the hood, thankfully it was only my intake manifold leaking coolant (new gasket, the gasket compressed so the bolts were loose). So, naturally, i swore like a sailor for a while and let it cool down. I can back out the next day and cleaned up the coolant and tightened the manifold bolts. Since the trans was behaving in everything but reverse, i decided to fire it up and see if it was leaking. So i set the choke turned the key and "snap!, clack clack!" before it fired up, I swore some more and got out and looked under the car. I found a piece of somehting. It was the starter housing that covered the starter gear; it was snapped right in half. So now I'm just gonna order a new transmission becuase that one had about 300 thousand miles on it and it was missing gears like crazy and it would come out of overdrive if I stepped on it too much. (3 rebuilds on it) I think it broke becuase it got too hot (going 100 and slipping out of gear every now and then for several miles isn't good turns out). I have a trans cooler on it too. I feel a bit better now that i have vented. Anyone know of a place that builds good 700-r4's?
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