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    J.T. - &nbsp I am considering converting my non-gauge 1970 SS to full factorygauges. I have seen references on this site to magazine articles thatdescribe this, but I have not seen a reference to the exact magazine andmonth/year. Do you need an entire instrument panel from another car inorder to do this, or is it available on the aftermarket? Would a 1971 or1972 panel also fit if I changed the tachometer to the correct one for my396/350 engine? Is there a concern rewiring harnesses vs. printed circuitboards? In order to take the dash board out one time only, what other itemsshould be replaced or modified? My car has air conditioning, so I assumethere are some ducts and cables under there. Are center and side vents,chromed plastic, available?

    J.E. - &nbsp I have done this modification twice. If you are going from a standardSS dash, then the wiring change is fairly simple. A few wires move locationin the PCB connector and two are added -tachometer and one for the ampgauge. You will need the wiring diagram. A/C vents are available. All youneed from another car is a 70 gauge cluster. The 70 cluster has light greenlettering, and the 71-2 has white lettering on the gauges. The going ratefor these clusters is two to three hundred dollars.

    J.S. - &nbsp You will need a complete instrument panel, and they are not madeaftermarket. I read that they can be rebuilt or refaced by a company, but Ido not remember the name. The 1971 and 1972 panels will fit and work. Theretachometer redline was either 5500 or 6500 depending on the motor. Thewiring harness is different from the idiot light harness depending on thegauge type. You will either need to wire the gauges yourself or get anotherwiring harness. The harness from a 71 and 72 will not interchange. If yourprinted circuit board is good, then keep it intact. I understand they areexpensive.

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