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Hers the ad. Of course i freaked when i saw the price and it was local.
I contacted the seller and got this reply -
Good day,
Thank you for your interest in my vehicle.
The vehicle is in perfect condition both mechanical and fiscal has never been wrecked or damaged and the engine runs very well and the tires are brand new.
My name is Derrick Downs I'm a cosultant at I have this job for 1/2 year and I am encountering an financial break down and I need to get some funds quik, I am living in UK and the car is here with me since the car is still registered in USA I have decided to sell it to someone back there. I brought the car with me when I moved here, wanting to register it here, but I couldn't because in order to get it registered the vehicle has to go trough alot of customs wich are very expensive, I have also tried to sell the vehicle localy with no success.
I had made this decision to sell the car faster only for $7000,shipping included, even decided to support all the shipping charges in order to make a smooth deal for this car. Along with the car, I will send you all the documents that I have for the car - the title ,keys,owner manual and all the receipts from services.
I would like to use paypal as a payment method.
Please mail me back and let me know what is your decision about this transaction.
I am waiting your reply.
Best wishes.
Sounds like hes out of the country and hoping to get someone to send him 7k via paypal and of course... theres no car.:mad:

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Oh yeah.... scam this baby.........

No doubt that is a scam. If he had the car there he could easily sell it in a day for several times that.

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I would NOT get mixed up in this. Funny, he sounds just like the guy that has contacted me about ordering custom cupholders, keeps saying he's sent a check for advanced payment on 20 of them but has never specified what he wants. Note also from UK, on yahoo. (see below)


this is to check on you and to confirm the receipt of the cheque that I
d direct my wife to mail to you. Please get back in touch soon with update
as it may be required.

This was in response to my e-mail where I told him that I cannot quote or anything until I know the style, material, what to engrave etc. By the way have not re'cd a check, of course will do nothing until I do and then still not sure about it, may just send it back. I ran it thru and it came back not known but with a warning that many scams come from UK and Yahoo.
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