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Can somebody help me with my ignition??
Not sure if it ‘s my MSD 6AL box or the BLASTER 2 coil.
The other day and without any signs my car would not start. Messed with the ignition system and then it started. Yesterday it did the same thing. Went though the motions of pulling everything apart, put it back together and it started again. Last night when I went to leave work it would not start again, went though the pull apart put back together thing but this time no luck. This morning went out and change it to a complete HEI system and away it went.
Coil has 4.5 resistance between the tower and the positive side and the same form the negative side to the tower. Has no resistance between the positive and the negative posts.
The box is about 12 years old now and was used when I brought it.
Does anybody have any suggestions to whether it could be the box or the coil or should I be looking somewhere other then these two items??
Have power going in to the box but the positive side of the coil has nothing.

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