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These heads OK? Choices

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Hi Guys, got a question about aftermarket heads. I have a 350 in a 4WD, so my main interest is Torque. I had been considering a set of 305 #450 castings, as I allready have them. Looking thru Ebay, I found some Dart " blems " sold thru Terry Rosebush. They have a Vortec chamber, 165 Int ports, and will bolt up to my Edel EPS man. These are a 67cc chamber, which should help keep the CR reasonable. Anybody have any experiance with these, or the seller in general? Currant castings are 3932454. Motor will recieve a Lunati 207/207, .437/.437, 112 LC at the same time. Motor has headers, 1.52 roller tip rockers, granny low 4spd, 3.70's w/35" tires. Basically a under 35-4000 rpm motor. Heads are bare, will have to aquire spring kit and valves also. Does this seem like a plan, or am I missing something. I can get the machine work done reasonable. What say you Guys? Thanks, Al
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If you are not going to take a grinder to the stock chevy heads then you will be better off with an aftermarket head ..

although the 454 head you have could also be bowl ported for some extra power. and then milled. then slap on a .015" steel shim gasket if piston deck height allows it

I have a ford van with a 302 keith black flattops, portedand milled heads and intake big single exhaust. stock cam advanced 4 degrees..14.5mpg

then in went a 260h comp cam the engine made more power through the whole power range and picked up is still pretty low compression...shift point is 4200 with the weazie 2v carb and 355 gears
every time i ran a cam ground on a 112 LS i lost lowend power and only gained a little on the topend....of course those were really old dual pattern grinds 204-214 at .050

hope your cam works out for you...I actually wish i had tried the XE252.

but i think some day the old ford van will be sporting chevy mill
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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