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These heads OK? Choices

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Hi Guys, got a question about aftermarket heads. I have a 350 in a 4WD, so my main interest is Torque. I had been considering a set of 305 #450 castings, as I allready have them. Looking thru Ebay, I found some Dart " blems " sold thru Terry Rosebush. They have a Vortec chamber, 165 Int ports, and will bolt up to my Edel EPS man. These are a 67cc chamber, which should help keep the CR reasonable. Anybody have any experiance with these, or the seller in general? Currant castings are 3932454. Motor will recieve a Lunati 207/207, .437/.437, 112 LC at the same time. Motor has headers, 1.52 roller tip rockers, granny low 4spd, 3.70's w/35" tires. Basically a under 35-4000 rpm motor. Heads are bare, will have to aquire spring kit and valves also. Does this seem like a plan, or am I missing something. I can get the machine work done reasonable. What say you Guys? Thanks, Al
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Thanks Guys. I had read that 416 head article, along with another on TGO, and have hopefully copied the modifications shown. These heads came with 1.84 intakes stock, I basically narrowed the guides, removed anything that felt rough to a fingertip on the intake ports, and smoothed the ex ports. I didn't want to screw them up, so I didn't get to wild with the grinder. I'll CC them to get some numbers, but what I've read seems to point to 60cc chambers. On the cam, I talked to Harold Brookshire, explaining what my setup is ( converting to TBI is in the mix later ), and he mentioned this grind ( single pattern Vodoo ) is the strongest lowwer RPM he designed. I have run an Isky 262 before ( simular #'s ) and liked it, but it was on a 108LC. At present, I'm running a Comp XE 4X 254, but I think some lobes have gone as its giving me problems. Anyways, thanks for the feedback. Al
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Well right now, the 450's, AND the Darts on Ebay are bare :D as I had been playing with the 450's. You Guys have convinced me to try them ( 450's ), as its basically a truck motor there goin on. Thanks for you input. Al
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