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The TBSS likes juice.

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My son took his 4600+ lb. TBSS out to the local track tonight and ran a couple of passes. The first pass was all engine and ran a 13.28 @ 101.xx. He then let it cool off and ran a pass with a 100 H.P. nitrous hit. Boy did that sucker flys for only having a 100 shot on it, 12.135 @ 112.38 on real everyday street tires. This computer controlled stuff really responds to a little juice and a progressive controller. It cut a 1.774 sixty foot and ran 7.74 @ 89.07 mph at the eighth.
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Is it AWD or 2WD and what mods does it have? I bought the wife one and she is addicted, wants to know what the supercharger kit costs :O
It's a 2 wheel drive model with a beefed up 4L65 or 4L70 and 3200 Vigilante converter, engine is bone stock LS2. I crunched the numbers and it comes back saying it takes 530 H.P. to go that fast at that weight. He beat a nitrous LT-1 Camaro with a (175 hit) on it, on that run. The Camaro was also running street tires. The Camaro ran 11.97 @ 117+ but was tardy when the tree dropped, .053 to a .289 light. The TBSS was about 1 1/2 car lengths of daylight ahead of the Camaro when they came by me, (near the eighth mile), and the Camaro was gaining. That TBSS bites exceptionally well on the real street tires. P.S...... it has a modified "y" pipe, computer reworked "Ed Wright at Fast Chips", nitrous 50-150 H.P., (set at 100 last night), Edelbrock progressive controller, "e" fan, upgraded fuel pump, (don't know the brand) but it works great, and a "laptop" computer to make tuning adjustments. I told him i don't think i'd go any further with the mods for now.
What GM product is a TBSS?

Throttle body SS car/truck?

This is a Chevrolet Trailblazer SS, SUV, 2 wheel drive and a stock 395 H.P. LS-2, (364
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